Where do the Parliamentary candidates stand on the draft Local Plan? – Greens

The Green Party parliamentary candidate, Henry Stanton, has pledged that if elected as MP for Canterbury on 4 July, he will do all in his power to OPPOSE the large scale housing developments currently being proposed for Blean, Tyler Hill and Rough Common. 

“Like most of the Local Plan, these are the wrong houses in the wrong place that will only destroy nature, concrete over green spaces and fail to address local housing needs,” said Henry. 

The Green Party has created ‘A Green Plan for Canterbury District Council’ in response to the Local Plan:

The new Plan is the same as the old one: developer driven not people-focussed. We have reviewed the proposed plan and find it wanting. It is essentially the same plan as the last Conservative Plan. It remains a developer-driven charter. It builds even more homes than the last awful plan. It is substantially uncosted – nearly 70% of all projects in the infrastructure budget have no budget and there is nowhere near enough developer funding to pay for the huge wishlist. It still focuses on greenfield sites and massive housing projects for well-to-do buyers. It overbuilds enormously, adding 60,000 to population as opposed to 10,000 in the Census. It ignores the needs of the elderly, renters and the disadvantaged. It ignores the effect of housing on sewage, both in the Stour Valley and on the North Coast. Hoping for more buses, it produces more cars.

You can read the full document here.

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