What happens next?

It has been an intense 12 weeks of campaigning and writing our submission – but our work is by no means done. While the public consultation period has closed, we still need to keep up the pressure on the University and the Council, and make it clear that we will not give up on protecting our wildlife, our villages, our farmland and the place we call home.

So what’s the process now?

From 5th July (post-election) until December, the Local Plan Working Group within the Council will analyse the consultation results, review, and hopefully adapt the draft Local Plan. We plan to keep talking to Councillors about our concerns.

January 2025

At a meeting in January, the council’s Cabinet will decide whether to recommend to Full Council that the plan be published. The plan will then be published for formal representations prior to its submission for examination. Specific consultees, residents and key stakeholders will be invited to make representations. This time the focus will be on the soundness and legal compliance of the plan.

May 2025

The Local Plan is submitted to the Secretary of State along with any representations.

June 2025 – January 2026

The Secretary of State appoints a Planning Inspector to examine the Local Plan for legal soundness, and a public hearing will be held. If Site C12 stays in, Save the Blean will need to instruct a barrister to represent us at the hearing.

Feb/March 2026

Inspector’s Report is issued – this is the final outcome unless we seek Judicial Review.

We need to keep our campaign in the public eye until at least January, so please keep your signs and placards up! If any of them are starting to look damaged or wonky, give them some TLC. If you want to take them down for any reason, please give them to one of the STB team so they can be reused.

Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

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