Route of Protest March – Saturday 25th May

If you can’t make it for the whole march, do join us along the way. Here’s the route and itinerary:

2pm – Bandstand in Dane John Gardens – Speeches 

2.30 – Exit onto Watling Street, then along Rose Lane and up the High Street

2.50 – Past the Westgate and up Whitstable Road (on LHS pavement)

3.10 – Continue up Whitstable Road/St Thomas’ Hill (on RHS pavement)

3.13 – NB level crossing will close

3.30  – Onto University Road

3.45  – Onto the University Concourse by Kent Union

4pm – Arrive at the Registry to deliver letter to the University of Kent

If you have mobility issues, we suggest that you join us at the Kent Union and come with us along the concourse to the Registry, which is all flat and wheelchair accessible. There is parking behind the Union Co-Op.

See you on Saturday!

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