Community Drop-In Workshops

The local parish councils and Save The Blean volunteers are jointly organising some community workshops to help people give their responses to the draft Local Plan. We need as many people as possible to take part in the public consultation.

Come along to get more information about the Local Plan and help with filling in the Consultation Form – we’ll assist you either online or on paper, whichever you prefer.

10am-1pm, Saturday 27th April – Rough Common Village Hall – Cllr Alex Ricketts and Cllr Steph Jupe will attend in their role as Councillors (not part of STB) to provide information and to listen to people’s comments and questions.

11-5pm, Friday 3rd May – Tyler Hill Memorial Hall

11-3pm, Saturday 4th May – City Centre at a stall outside the Beaney Museum

11-4pm, Tuesday 7th May – The Hare at Blean Pub

11-4pm, Saturday 18th May – Blean Village Hall

See the Public Consultation page on our website for more info on how you can fill in the form online. We’ll very shortly be publishing some guidance notes to help people navigate this long and complicated form, and to set out the key issues that need to be raised – watch this space!

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